Core Team

Chief Trustee
Mr. Arunabha Kar,
Post Graduate Dip. Public Relations and Advertising, Executive M.B.A.
He has been diligently working in the field of social welfare for over 30 years overseeing various medical and healthcare projects. He currently serves as a member, Permanent Lok Adalat in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where he resides with his family.

Mrs. Ashoka Dutta
B.Com, Dip. Nursing
She has had a close relation with social health and welfare for over 30 years while she was serving as an A.N.M., Govt. of Jharkhand. Now retired, she dedicates majority of her time to spread awareness about health and hygiene and conducts camps to that end.

Miss Rupam Jha
A fledgling in the field of law but taking great strides as an advocate in pursuing legal awareness for women empowerment and human rights, she has been working meticulously in organizing camps and observing the various facets of legalities presented in the life of poor and underprivileged people.