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About Jharkhand
Step-Up Trust

Jharkhand Step-Up Trust, established in 2004 and registered under Reg. No. 650/2004, stands as a beacon of compassion in the battle against poverty. We are dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities by focusing on key pillars of development. Committed to eradicating the shackles of illiteracy, poor health, child labor, and gender inequality, we tirelessly work to improve education, healthcare, and empower women. With a decade of impactful service, our NGO strives to create sustainable change, ensuring a brighter future for the underprivileged in Jharkhand. Join us in our journey to make a lasting difference and build a more equitable society.

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Our Future

  • Accommodate orphans with lodging, boarding, and education
  • To Provide shelter and support for the elderly, coupled with cultural programs
  • Rescue victims of trafficking and women facing domestic violence
  • Empower women, widows, and the handicapped, including those released from jails
  • Offer vocational training with machinery and equipment
  • Run regional programs for community impact
  • Conduct training sessions to ensure the smooth functioning of the NGO
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What do we aim to Achieve by 2030

  • Improving livelihood prospects
  • Ensuring safety and empowering females
  • Offering educational aid for youngsters
  • Healthcare support for tribal and BPL communities
  • Liberating women from distress
  • Conducting joyful distributions in local communities
  • Assisting differently-abled children and elderly individuals
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Jharkhand Step-Up Trust is working tirelessly for more than 20 Years . Join Us & Contribute.

What we do for the under priviledged ?

1) Provide education
2) Health and nutrition
3) Child protection
4) Humanitarian response

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Our Core Values

1) Vocational Training
2) Promoting quality living of people
3) Children, education and welfare
4) Awareness, programme, health campaigns et cetera
5) Protecting and empowering women
6) Animal rescue
7) Overall development for India’s welfare

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